How to Boost Sales with Influencer Promo Codes

rachelRachel Baumann on July 17, 2023
When it comes to working with influencers, Shopify merchants can greatly benefit from utilizing influencer-specific promo codes. Let's dive into why promo codes like LUCY15 are so much more effective than generic promo codes like SUMMER15.

Accurate Tracking of Sales Performance

One of the primary benefits of using influencer promo codes is the ability to track sales performance on an individual influencer basis. By assigning unique promo codes to each influencer, merchants gain valuable insights into the sales and conversions driven by specific influencers. This data allows them to measure the effectiveness of each collaboration, identify high-performing influencers, and optimize their marketing efforts accordingly. Accurate tracking of sales performance empowers merchants to make data-driven decisions, ensuring that their marketing budget is allocated effectively.

Establishing Professionalism and Attracting Partnerships

Influencers with their own unique promo codes can leverage this exclusivity to showcase their professionalism and attract partnerships with other brands. By providing influencers with influencer-specific promo codes, merchants are essentially offering them a seal of approval and endorsing their ability to generate sales. This distinction sets them apart from influencers who promote generic codes, positioning them as serious professionals within the industry. Brands seeking influencer collaborations are more likely to be drawn to influencers who can demonstrate a track record of success, making influencer-specific promo codes a valuable asset for both parties.

Fostering Support from Loyal Followers

The influence of social media content creators goes beyond their ability to drive sales. Many influencers have built a loyal and dedicated following who genuinely support and admire their work. By offering influencer-specific promo codes, Shopify merchants tap into this sense of loyalty and community. Customers who follow a specific influencer are more inclined to use their promo code when making a purchase, as it enables them to directly contribute to the success of the influencer they love. It becomes a win-win situation, where customers can support their favorite content creators while enjoying discounts or special offers from the merchant.

How Acorn can help you manage influencer promo codes

If you're already utilizing influencer promo codes, you may be wondering how our platform Acorn can further enhance your influencer marketing efforts. Acorn is a powerful software solution that automates your existing process while introducing additional features that streamline influencer tracking, reward attribution, and brand collaboration. In this article, we'll explore the various ways Acorn can optimize your influencer campaigns and help you maximize results.

Unique Sharable Links

Acorn generates a unique sharable link for each influencer, such as "" or "" These personalized links can be easily shared on social media platforms, allowing influencers to drive traffic directly to your website.

Track Clicks and Purchases

With Acorn, all clicks and purchases made through the influencer's shareable link are automatically attributed to them, even if customers do not use a specific promo code. This comprehensive tracking ensures influencers receive proper credit for their impact on driving sales.

Seamless Instagram Integration

Acorn seamlessly integrates with Instagram, enabling you to reward influencers with points or store credit for their posts and stories that tag your brand. This integration simplifies the process of incentivizing influencers and encourages them to create engaging content.

Self-Serve Portal

Our platform provides influencers with a self-serve portal where they can easily redeem their earned points for store credit. This flexibility allows influencers to choose when and how they want to utilize their rewards, enhancing their overall experience and motivation to collaborate with your brand.

Streamlined Influencer Onboarding

Acorn hosts a sign-up form for new influencers, making it easy for them to join your influencer network. Additionally, you can preview an influencer's Instagram demographics before deciding to work with them, ensuring alignment with your target audience and brand values.

Effortless Import of Promo Codes and Influencers

With Acorn, you can seamlessly import your existing promo codes and influencer data into the platform. This streamlined process saves time and enables you to leverage your current resources effectively.

Store Credit and Custom Rewards

Acorn focuses on providing store credit as rewards instead of cash payments. This approach has proven effective in attracting genuine and enthusiastic influencers who are genuinely passionate about your brand. Through our extensive experience working with numerous stores, we've discovered that influencers who are willing to work for store credit tend to be more invested in promoting your products. You can also offer creative custom rewards that fit any budget.
Acorn's comprehensive software solution empowers brands to optimize their influencer promo code strategies. By automating your existing process and introducing unique features like sharable links, Instagram integration, and self-serve portals, Acorn simplifies influencer tracking, reward attribution, and collaboration. Embracing store credit as a reward further cultivates genuine partnerships with influencers who are passionate about your brand. With Acorn, you can supercharge your influencer marketing efforts and unlock the full potential of your brand's online presence.