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What sets Acorn apart from other influencer or affiliate Shopify apps?
Explore Acorn: The game-changing Shopify app for influencer marketing on Instagram. With unique features like automated tracking, real-time rewards, audience insights, and global language support, Acorn transforms influencer collaborations. Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to strategic, data-driven success!
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Mastering Influencer Recruitment and Retention for Small E-Commerce Brands
For small e-commerce brands, collaborating with influencers can provide a cost-effective way to connect with a wider audience. In this article, we'll share our best practices for recruiting and retaining influencers for small e-commerce brands.
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Influencer Marketing for E-commerce: A Step-by-Step Strategy
Master influencer marketing for your e-commerce business with our step-by-step guide, and learn how Acorn Links can streamline the process.
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How to Choose Ambassadors for your Brand
Explore influencer marketing for sales with this comprehensive guide, covering strategies like affiliate marketing, sales/post reach overlap, and surveys, alongside platform selection, influencer criteria, key metrics, and more, offering valuable tips for success in the dynamic marketing landscape.
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How to Compensate Influencers Affordably
Small businesses with tight budgets can creatively and personally engage influencers on Instagram by offering innovative and cost-effective custom rewards.
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How to Boost Sales with Influencer Promo Codes
Discover the strategies for increasing sales through influencer promo codes, including effective influencer partnerships, code creation, and implementation for revenue growth.
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5 Platforms for Working with Micro Influencers and Key Advantages
Discover how to leverage micro-influencers through the top five platforms and their unique advantages in this guide to influencer marketing.
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A Guide to Engaging Micro-Influencers as a Small Brand
Leverage influencer and brand ambassador programs for small brands to enhance awareness and sales. Gain insights and practical tips from our Shopify expertise in successfully engaging micro-influencers.
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