A Guide to Engaging Micro-Influencers as a Small Brand

rachelRachel Baumann on July 01, 2023
Influencer and brand ambassador programs have become vital tools for driving awareness and sales. While big brands may enjoy advantages in attracting influencers, small brands can also harness the power of influencers to effectively reach their target audience. This article is dedicated to guiding small brands in successfully engaging micro-influencers, drawing upon our extensive experience working with hundreds of merchants on Shopify. We will dive into the best practices of these programs, sharing valuable insights and practical tips to ensure their successful implementation.

Identify great micro-influencers

When building an influencer or brand ambassador program, the cornerstone lies in the strategic selection of influencers. For small brands, micro-influencers are highly recommended. These individuals may not boast enormous follower counts like celebrities, but they possess a deeply engaged audience within specific niches. Small brands can tap into their own customers and Instagram followers as potential micro-influencers, unlocking authentic and relatable connections. Selecting the right influencers is an ongoing process that requires a systematic approach, including tracking performance and measuring impact on sales. This measurement aspect is crucial as it enables brands to iterate and experiment with different influencer types, ultimately identifying the most effective ones. If you're eager to delve deeper into the influencer selection process, we invite you to explore our in-depth article that draws from our experience working with merchants using Acorn. To learn more about the selection process based on our experience with merchants using Acorn, check out our in-depth article on the influencer selection process.

Initiate a personal relationship

For small brands looking to work effectively with influencers, one valuable tip is to initiate direct contact. By reaching out to influencers through email or direct messages (DMs), you can express your interest in collaboration and assess their level of enthusiasm for your brand. This direct communication not only helps establish a personal connection but also allows you to gauge the influencer's receptiveness and potential alignment with your brand. Initiating contact in this manner enables you to establish a solid foundation for a successful working relationship with influencers.

Give custom influencer promo codes

For small brands looking to collaborate with micro-influencers, utilizing influencer-specific promo codes can be a powerful strategy to boost sales. By assigning unique, individual promo codes to each influencer, brands can track the sales and conversions generated by specific influencers, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of collaborations and optimize their marketing efforts accordingly. Furthermore, influencer-specific promo codes help establish professionalism for influencers and attract partnerships with other brands, as they showcase a track record of success. Additionally, these codes foster support from loyal followers who are more likely to use an influencer's promo code, enabling them to contribute to the success of their favorite content creators while enjoying discounts or special offers. To learn more about the influencer promo code best practices, check out our blog post about influencer-specific promo codes.

Create a influencer program resource center

To streamline the onboarding process and provide micro-influencers with essential program information, you want to create a way for ambassadors to access their unique promo codes, program details, and incentive structures. This resource acts as a comprehensive resource, outlining the program expectations, available incentives, and how they can actively contribute to your brand's growth. Providing a location for promo codes and relevant program information simplifies the influencer's journey, increasing their engagement and motivation to participate.

Track performance

An effective influencer or brand ambassador program incorporates a robust tracking system to measure the impact of micro-influencers' efforts. This includes monitoring sales generated from promo codes, tracking clicks on shared links, and analyzing brand mentions on social media platforms. Performance tracking provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your program and helps identify top-performing micro-influencers. This data enables you to optimize future campaigns, allocate resources efficiently, and maximize your return on investment.

Reward influencers based on results

To foster ongoing brand advocacy and loyalty, small brands looking to work with influencers can benefit from implementing a well-designed reward system. Incentivizing micro-influencers based on their performance, such as through redeemable points for store discounts, customized rewards, or even cash incentives, encourages consistent promotion and cultivates a sense of partnership and dedication. For small brands with limited budgets, our blog post on creative ways to reward influencers offers valuable insights and ideas to explore. By strengthening the feedback loop and providing incentives, a rewards program not only deepens the bond between micro-influencers and your brand but also motivates them to share more about your brand, both online and offline.
Building a successful influencer or brand ambassador program requires careful planning and strategic implementation. By identifying the right micro-influencers, establishing personal connections, providing clear guidelines, tracking performance, and implementing a rewarding system, businesses can forge meaningful relationships with influencers, amplify brand reach, and achieve sustainable growth.
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